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  • Feel the emotions and physical symptoms of others in their own bodies.
  • Feel drained after watching news or reading a newspaper.
  • Attract narcissists and energy vampires and take on their pain.
  • Want to save everyone and therefore feel depleted.
  • Can read people and are highly intuitive beings.
Empaths are highly sensitive people who take on the energy of others and carry it in their own body.
If empaths don’t learn how to protect their energy, they will take on anxiety and depression from others. If they don’t activate their gift and set clear boundaries, they will fall into addiction patterns, feel unworthy and easy to be manipulated.
But worry not!
When I figured out the tools on how to protect myself from the sensory overload and connect to my higher self, my life changed. I stopped pleasing people, created abundance with my gift and answered to my soul's call! For the first time in my life I felt confident and certain on what to do next.
I became a life strategist for sensitive people. I connected to my intuitive side, healed my relationship with myself, my husband and helped thousands of people around the world.
Because of my sensitivity and strong intuition I was able to create a successful coaching business in less than a year. Today my clients share their gifts with the world!
I never felt so confident and deserving in my life before! And I want you to feel the same!

Empaths are not crazy, weak, neurotic or hypochondriacs. Empaths are beautiful sensitive people with a gift. A gift to understand and help others. But all empaths need tools to cope.

Because you deserve.

You deserve to have respectful and loving relationships, create abundance with your gift and find the work that feeds your soul.
You don't have to attract unhealthy relationship patterns anymore. Your well-being matters to me! I can’t wait to share my secrets and tools to YOUR emotional liberation.
You deserve to achieve your dreams without feeling overwhelmed!

"“I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving the gold that you did, my life as changed so incredibly, amazing people have come into my life and my mindset more often than not resides in abundance and gratitude. My life is filled with miracles now. I love you and im so grateful for you!”"

- Dana

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