About Jane

Calling all sensitive people, empaths, lightworkers, healers and coaches!

I am a life strategist for sensitive people, an international speaker, and a healer.

I help empaths, lightworkers and sensitive beings to stop absorbing stress from others, navigate sensitivity overload, deepen their spiritual connection and start the work and life they love.

Since I was little I thought there was something wrong with me.

I felt like an outsider, sad or angry at times and very emotional and tired in large groups. People would tell me their life stories and feel good around me, while I would feel completely exhausted.

If you feel the same way, know that you might be an empath or a highly sensitive person. In other words, a person who absorbs and carries other people’s energies and emotions. If you are feeling lost and found my website, you may have been guided to enrich your soul and to become empowered.

  • Have you ever been told you are too sensitive?

  • Do you feel tired and drained constantly without any obvious reason?

  • Do people tell you their life stories all the time?

  • Do you feel like an outsider?

  • Do you feel like your current job isn't 100% aligned with your purpose?

    I have been there and here are some things I know for sure:

  • You don’t have to carry other people’s emotional burdens any more.

  • You are meant to find your gift and your passion.

  • You don't have to let others’ negativity sway you.

  • Your work can make you feel motivated and fulfilled, not exhausted.

  • You can motivate and inspire other people that are eager to learn from you..

If you have landed to this page, this is your time to shine.

The key to feeling free is to take action.

How do you start?

By opening yourself up to your intuition and your gifts so that you can create a fulfilling life.

I have been coached by world-known teachers, read tons of self-help books, and attended numerous trainings, retreats and spiritual courses. However, I would not be able to guide thousands of people to reach their potential if it was not for my life experiences and realization that I am an empath. And for all of that, I am grateful.

I am here today to help you understand how you can stop absorbing other people’s energies, get very clear about your life purpose and become an empowered empath.

 Jane is thrilled to be leading workshops around the world. She loves sharing her secrets for creating a business and life on your terms.

She empowers empaths and all sensitive people to feel alive again, find their calling and create a heart-centered, abundant life.

Jane is an international certified health and life coach, speaker, business strategist and Reiki healer. She is on a mission to empower women and men of any age to fall in love with their life again.

She resides in Sarasota, Florida with her husband and three children.


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