Create abundance with your gift!


Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you have a strong desire to serve others?

  • Do you fantasize about starting your coaching career to help and influence others?

  • Do you dream of the day when you receive a blueprint on how to discover and use your gift as a Lightworker?

    You can stop dreaming now because the day is here to make that dream a reality!

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are highly intuitive and sensitive people who are eager to make a difference, share their wisdom to help people and create abundance with their gift. Lightworkers tend to attract people who need their help. But it can be draining to help others without properly protecting your energy.

I want to show you how to hone your gift without feeling drained, get clear on your mission, create an irresistible pitch to bring in paying customers, and sign up your first or next client more easily.

I created this program specifically for Lightworkers and Empaths looking to share their calling, and it’s important to me that I make it easy for you to create a career that is 100% aligned with your life purpose.

"Being an empath and creating your business is not always easy. Thanks to Lightworker Business Training, I now have the tools and advice that helped me a lot in my business. I would definitely recommend it. I feel supported, it feels as if Jane is there to hold my hand through any challenge I may face as an entrepreneur and a Lightworker."


"Once again, Jane inspired me. I can’t wait to take action and create change in the lives of others. The Lightworker Biz Training was very clear and thorough. I finally know what type of client I am able to connect with and how to do it. Thank you, Jane! "



Why me?

Let me tell you a little bit about my story...

I started my business completely new to the online coaching world. I didn’t really know how to begin, but I knew that I had a burning desire to help others. I was motivated to get my business started.

I used to question myself:

  • Who am I to do this work?
  • Who am I to think I can change the world?
  • Who am I to ask people to give me money to work with me?
  • Can I REALLY create positive change for others?


At first I was filled with self-doubt and struggled to create a business that I knew, in my heart, was what I was called to do.

I put in a lot of hours doing a lot of hard work.

I was trying to create the “perfect content” and website for months.

I read any and all self-help books available.

I took many spiritual courses and got certified as a health, life coach and a Reiki healer.

But I didn’t yet have the spiritual AND business tools to get my business going. I needed clear direction, the exact steps.

One day it happened! I finally figured it out.

My business took off, and my confidence and income rose right along with it!

Now, I’d like to share what I did with you. You don’t have to put in the time struggling like I did, I can show you the exact steps I took to manifest a successful coaching biz, that makes me excited and grateful each day. In this workshop I am sharing the #1 money mindset shift that helped my business take off.

Take a deep breath and imagine how it will feel when you...

  • Finally understand your goal and niche as a spiritual leader and healer and find the ideal clients ready to pay you for your services.

  • Create a message that stands out from those of other coaches.

  • Communicate your offer with confidence and clarity.

  • Activate your intuition and connect to your higher self.

  • Learn what you have to offer that makes you different from every other coach out there.

  • Create an irresistible pitch that you will use for any form of communication with your clients.

  • Learn to manifest inner peace, abundant lifestyle and clients who are eager to work with you.

  • Attract clients without a website by using only social media.

Still Have Questions?

I've got answers!

This training is for health coaches, life coaches, healers, energy workers and aspiring spiritual consultants, struggling to stand out from the crowd.

No. Your desire to help and serve is enough. If you are still not satisfied with your life and the work you do and if you have a huge desire to help others you are probably a Lightworker. You are meant to do this work. And the more you postpone it, the more dissatisfied with life you will feel. This training will help you clarify your gift and use it to guide others.

You have to have an experience helping someone. It does not have to be a client, although if it is, that’s great. It could be a friend or a coworker that you helped by providing comfort and advice. Often, Lightworkers tend to help everyone, so I am sure you have an experience with someone.

Yes. I know because I have been there, have done the hard work and know that all it takes. Yet this course is streamlined and cost-effective.

I believe the knowledge is already within you. We will work on bringing it to the surface. I don't teach anything you don't need, and if you follow my guidance and practice the tools I give you, you will use that wisdom to get results.

The video training will be delivered to your inbox right after you register. You can watch it at your own pace and you have a lifetime access to it.

I will also personally review your offer and answer your questions via email. 

Yes, I take support seriously!

Yes, we offer refunds. I’ve made sure that this is a completely safe decision for you to make without any risk.

The Empath Healing Workshop works incredibly well if you really put in the time to do the work. On the other hand, if you do the work and you still don’t get value, then we don’t deserve your money and we will cheerfully refund 100% of your tuition. All you have to do send an email to [email protected] within the next 30 days, along with your irresistible offer and the way you used it in your business.

"Taking the Lightworker business workshop with Jane helped me find the keys to my spiritual success! I went in with a deep desire of wanting to help others. Yet I had no idea where to start and felt stuck. Jane provided me with vital tools and strategies that allowed me to further identify my niche, meet my future clients, and create a detailed bio to get started right away! With her heart-based teaching style and the warm environment she creates, I always felt supported from start to finish. I’m blessed that I had this opportunity to work with Jane. She truly is an amazing soul!"



So what will you get?

In Depth-Trainings

  • Six video trainings packed with the tools, strategies and meditation to help you take an inspired action right away. I will teach you my personal business blueprint that helped me attract thousands of people around the world.

  • My undivided support in our private community.

Life-Changing Strategies

  • Step-by-step strategy to help you start your biz as a Lightworker, influencer and leader. No more confusion on how to begin!

  • Alignment strategy to connect to your intuition and your third eye, your center of power and wisdom.

Insider Secrets

  • The most important principle in any service-based career that will transform your existing business or help you jumpstart a new one from scratch.

  • My social media strategy to help you share your gifts with others right away.

Amazing Bonuses

  • You will receive two amazing bonuses to help you overcome anxiety and prevent it in a future. You will also get my spiritual blueprint to help you connect to your spirit guides and your intuition.

  • Lifetime access to all online material, inducing all new and updated videos as they become available. 

The Lightworker Business Training is right for you if you...

  • Want to get crystal clear on how to connect to your intuitive gifts.

  • Want to open up your third eye and connect to your intuition.

  • Need exact steps on what to offer and how to attract people who are willing to work with you.

  • Haven't done your market research, or had done it in a past with no results and no income.

  • Aren’t clear how to connect with your audience (HINT, you don't have to go to networking events!)

  • Want to work form home and don't mind using your phone and computer.

  • Are seeking clarity and would love a super hot action plan to take home with you.

  • Want to start and grow your practice without a huge social media following.

  • Haven’t made money yet in your business and need clear steps on how to make your bank account happy.

  • Want to revitalize what you have already created to finally start bringing in results.

  • Have put long hours into your business, yet haven’t seen the results you want.


FREE bonus access to two of my favorite mini programs!

When you register, you will also get my rapid anxiety release video training for FREE. Empaths and Lightworkers are more prone to anxiety. A study published in the Journal of Psychiatry indicates that individuals who suffer from anxiety and depression may be extremely empathetic and susceptible to the feelings of others.

However, I got you covered. You will know how to overcome anxiety in less than five minutes. You will also learn how to prevent it. These easy to follow, life-changing tools will completely shift your life!

When you register, the videos will be instantly delivered to your inbox.

You will also get my special BONUS video on how to connect to your spirit guides and intuition. This video alone will help you trust your intuition and bring your answers and clarity when you need to make any decisions in life.


"Lightworker business training was wonderful. This training took me in the right direction. So much of Jane's true essence comes through in her work with others. Her love, warmth, and ability to connect is very encouraging and comforting. I look forward to fulfilling my future plans!"